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What is MMJ Certification? 

If you are one of the thousands of suffering residents of Arkansas that would benefit from consuming cannabis you can now do so legally under Arkansas State Law by obtaining an Medical Marijuana Card.  Before you can apply for your AR MMJ Card you must have a qualified Arkansas physician certify that the patient has a condition that has been deemed treatable by the Arkansas Department of Health.  That is where our Cannabis Doctors come in.     


To get certified, you must be qualified.  Being qualified means you meet all the requirements set forth by  Arkansas Law to be able to apply for a MMJ card.  Visit our Qualifying page to see if you are a potential candidate for patient or caregiver qualification.  If you believe that you qualify, and you can provide one of our licensed Arkansas physicians with your medical records, then you are ready to book an appointment.  Note: If you have experienced traumatic life event and are still suffering psychologically, you may suffer from PTSD.   One of our doctors may be able to qualify you in house at the time of your appointment.  If this is the case please arrive 30 minutes early for PTSD evaluation.  We prefer that you upload, fax, or email us your Medical Records so we may assist those who cannot.  Then book an appointment with us here at Heber Springs Cannabis Clinic where one of our local Arkansas physicians will meet with you to review your records or test results.  Once your physician agrees that you qualify for an Arkansas MMJ Card, he/she will sign the Physician Written Certification Form that is needed to complete your application for a MMJ Card.   


Once you have obtained your Physician Written Certification Form, you will need to submit it along with a copy of your Valid Arkansas DL/ID, your Patient Application Form, and a $50.00 application fee to the Arkansas Department of Health.  Once approved they will issue your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card.   

Heber Springs Cannabis Clinic and The Arkansas Department of Health highly recommend that, if able, you apply online through their website.  It is very simple to do via smart phone.  Simply snap a picture of all of your forms and upload them to your account.  

We will gladly assist with preparing your forms for mailing If you are unable to set up an online account with the Arkansas Department of Health.  




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